Help you regain hope and control over your health. 
We refuse to "wait out" on any health issues and proactively in problem solving and provide a solution to your health. There are always more options to your healthcare!  

You will feel restore and vibrant with ancient art of healing we offer.

Our Service
Herbal medicine
Traditional Chinese herbal medicine
Rebalance and feel great again. 
Helps relax your mind, relief aches and pain. Aviod unnecessary medication and surgery.
massage cupping
Cupping , Massage and Other natural therapy 
Enhance your health and vitality with various ancient wisdom techniques.

wayne chung
Dr of Chinese Medicine 
Wayne Chung

Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner in Australia. Treatments are cover by private health insurance company.

We are here with a passion and commitment to:

. Help you regain hope and control over your health 

. Provide a natural therapies to your health without side effects 

. Relief symptoms which bogging you down emotionally and physically

. Ancient Chinese Medicine alleviate and resolve issues which could not explain by conventional medicine

If you want to discuss about your health issues, feel free to give us a call! 

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